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Nautilus Productions is a great source for stock footage and video. This collection features sharks shipwrecks, marine life and military video from around the world. Footage is mastered on 4K UHD, XDCAM HD, HDV or DVCAM and can be delivered in any format. We are also the exclusive owner and licensor of HD footage and video from Blackbeard the Pirates’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

NOTE: On-line clips represent only a very small percentage of our stock footage library. Not all clips are listed here and many more are available in the library, please call or e-mail for more info or a demo reel.

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Marine Life

Queen Anne's Revenge/Blackbeard



SUBJECTS: Reefs, rebreathers, divers, walls, waves, kelp, corals, sharks, turtles, eels, jellyfish, marine life, rays, animal behavior, wrecks - submarines, freighters, tankers, airplanes, artificial reefs, waves, ships, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s flagship, Mardi Gras shipwreck, ROV’s, underwater archaeology, Outer Banks, lighthouses, iguanas, tropical birds, world, military, Special Forces, A-10's, C-5's, C-130's, C-141's, helicopters, medical, surgery, Exxon/Valdez cleanup, hurricane Andrew aftermath, Civil War reenactors and more.

WILDLIFE: Amberjacks, Angelfish, Anemones, Barracuda, Boxfish, Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Conchs, Corals, Crabs, Dogfish, Eagle Rays, Eels, Flamingo Tongues, Flounder, Frogfish, Garibaldi, Garden Eels, Giant Clams, Great White Sharks, Grey Nurse sharks, Goliath Grouper, Grunts, Horseshoe crabs, Jawfish, Jellyfish, Land Crabs, Lionfish, Turkeyfish, Lobster, Manta Rays, Macaws, Manatees, Moray Eels, Nudibranchs, Nurse Sharks, Octopus, Parrots, Parrotfish, Porcupinefish/Pufferfish, Penguins, Ragged Tooth sharks, Right Whales, Reef Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Scorpionfish, Seahorses, Sea Turtles, Sealions, Sheepshead, Shrimp, Snapper, Sponges, Spotted Drum, Starfish, Stingrays, Stonefish, Soft & Hard Corals, Squid, Tarpon, Tropical birds, Wrasses and more.

WRECKS: Aeolus, Amagansett, Ashkabad, Atlas, Benwood, Betty Bomber, Box Wreck, British Splendour, Caribsea, Cassimir, City of Houston, City of Washington, Duane, Fujikawa Maru, Fumitzuki, Hardee, Heian Maru, Helmet Wreck, Hoki Maru, Hilma Hooker, Hydro-Atlantic, Hutton, Indra, Iro Maru, John D. Gill, Keith Tibbets, Kensho Maru, King, Lobster Wreck, Malchace, Manuela, USS Monitor, Momokawa Maru, Naeco, Nippo Maru, Normannia, Orro Verde, Paddle wheeler, Papoose, Portland, Proteus, Queen Anne's Revenge/Concorde (Blackbeard's flagship), Queen of Nassau/CGS Canada, Raritan, Rio De Janiero Maru, San Francisco Maru, Sankisan Maru, Schurz, Senateur Duhamel, Shinkoku Maru, Spar, Speigal Grove, Strength, Suloide, Tamaulipus, Tarpon, Theo's Wreck, U352, Verbena, Vermilion, Wetmore, Yancey, Unkai Maru, Yamagiri Maru, Zeros.

MILITARY: Special Forces, Scuba Teams, Afghanistan, C-17's, A-10's, C-141's, C-130's (in flight and cockpit), UH-60 Blackhawks, Pope AFB; Green Ramp, Flight line, Flying Tigers, Airmen Marching, Airfield Assault, 82nd Airborne; Pass in Review, Paratroopers, UN Troops, MIG's, Uzbeck Tank Academy Cadets, MFO/Huey UH-1 sling load operations & the B-17 "Memphis Belle," Civil War reenactors, Countries; Kazakstan & Uzbekistan people, bazaars, cities, agriculture.

OTHER: Surgery, operating room and equipment.

LOCATIONS: Bahamas, Belize, Bonaire, Caymans, Gulf of Mexico, Honduras (Roatan), Turks & Caicos, Pacific (Hawaii, Palau, Truk/Chuuk Lagoon, & Yap), Atlantic (Florida Keys, East & West Coast), South Africa, Kazakstan & Uzbekistan.

Stock Footage Clients: ABC, A&E, Advanced Medical Productions, Aggressor Fleet, American Museum of Natural History, Astropolitan Pictures, BBC, Belisario Productions, CBS, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, Carolina Outdoors, Marine Grafics, Marine Mammal Fund, PBS, Pepsico, Sea World, Smithsonian Institution, North Carolina Museum of History, North Carolina Maritime Museum, Turner, Travel Channel, WUNC TV, ARD and ZDF German TV and more.

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Queen Anne's Revenge

Nautilus Productions is the exclusive owner and licensor of footage from Blackbeard the Pirate's flagship - the Queen Anne’s Revenge.


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